Cupcakes and Jesus

cupcakes church in mcallen churches tx food people awaken lobby.jpg

Imagine with me-- 148 people worshipping Jesus in a movie theater, 16 of those people making a decision for Christ, AND 250 sugary, gourmet cupcakes lining the halls.  Yep, that's how much fun we had on Cupcake Day two weeks ago! A local bakery, CC's Sweets & Tweets, donated hundreds of delicious gourmet cupcakes to Awaken so we could give them away to all our guests for free.  A huge THANK YOU to them, and if you live in the area, make sure to check out CC's for a sweet fix on a regular basis. 

There is nothing especially "spiritual" about cupcakes, but Cupcake Day turned out to be a fantastic way for people to invite their family members & friends to church.  We had a lot of first-time guests come that day and hear the good news about who Jesus is and what He's done for us.  So if cupcakes allow us to win some people to the Kingdom of God, all hail cupcakes! That's what it's all about-- people experiencing Jesus. By any means possible.